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Snail Vibe

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Science-Based Vibrator
SNAIL VIBE was created by professionals and is based on scientific research and development.

Why is penetration more pleasurable?
Vaginal stimulation is necessary as discovered by Dr. Stuart Brody (Scotland) and Professor Tillman Kruger (Switzerland).

These scientists have discovered that the orgasm from an actual sexual act, as compared to an orgasm from masturbation, produces a 400% greater prolactin level which is responsible for satisfaction and breast growth.

SNAIL VIBE offers the greatest amplitude of dual stimulation - 7 times more than other vibrators.

Why do you need clitoral stimulation?
Earlier studies by Kim Wallen, Ph. D. (USA) and Elizabeth A. Lloyd, Ph. D. (USA) confirmed that orgasm depends on the structure of the genitals.

Scientific data has shown that about 75% of women cannot achieve orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone without clitoral stimulation, if it is located more than 2,5 cm from the vagina.

SNAIL VIBE has been designed with a 2,5 cm clitoral part radius and flexible connection for any clitoral position.

Does vaginal orgasm exist?
Sexologist Edward Eichel (USA) developed a coital alignment technique to help achieve an orgasm during penetration in 70% of cases.

A specific sexual position together with rising and falling pelvic movements helps slide the base of the penis along the vaginal lips, stimulating the clitoris by stroking in the same way as during vaginal contact.

SNAIL VIBE provide synchronous stimulation of the clitoris and vagina by means of sliding movements that simulate intercourse.

Can orgasms be controlled?
The Bridge Technique developed by Dr. Helen Kaplan (USA), who was named a lider among scientific sexologists by the New York Times, helps create new neural connections between erogenous zones.

External and internal stimulation are connected by the "Bridge" through which the clitoral orgasm becomes a vaginal orgasm or vice versa.

SNAIL VIBE allows you to adjust the effect on two erogenous zones directly during stimulation.

Multivibrator myth or reality?
For a long time now, the world leaders in the sex toy industry have been trying to create a universal vibrator with a movable clitoral stimulator.

However, there's no single model that can boast the vibrating power of a wand massager, the insertion depth of a dildo, and the dual stimulation of a rabbit vibrator.

SNAIL VIBE combines eight types of stimulation and replaces all three types of sex toys at the same time.

How can you find out more about SNAIL VIBE?
The interactive 4D SNAIL VIBE simulator demonstrates it in action, by showing its vibration in a three-dimensional full scale view, while letting you play with a virtual partner (opens in a new window).

The kinetic display was developed especially for SNAIL VIBE to show its advantages on the shelves of sex shops.


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